Never tired of surprises! Shia LaBeouf from “Transformers” canceled the divorce
© Instagram / Shia LaBeouf

Never tired of surprises! Shia LaBeouf from “Transformers” canceled the divorce

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-29 16:05:04

The 33-year-old Shia LaBeouf who had become famous for his weird tattoos, surprised his fans again. The fact is that the other day he appeared in public with an unexpected girlfriend (and that's not Robert Pattinson's lover!) – Shia was spotted in the company of his ex-wife Mia Goth, the divorce process with which had been started in September 2018!

But what most puzzled the fans of the actor was the fact that there were wedding rings on the fingers of both Mia and Shia again!

Shia LaBeouf
© Instagram / Shia LaBeouf

Note that, despite the papers which were submitted for the divorce, Shia and 27-year-old Mia have not completed their divorce. And now they seem to have canceled it all!

Another proof in favor of the fact that LaBeouf and Goth left the idea of divorce in the past was that the other day they appeared in Los Angeles on a walk with Rachel - Mia's mom. And the whole company made an impression of a usual friendly family.

Back in 2018, before LaBeouf had broken up with his wife, he did not behave too well - he had several romances. The greatest resonance was made by his love story with Talia Barnett, a singer acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs, the former bride of Robert Pattinson.

There were rumors that it was this story for which the actor got a divorce request from his wife. LaBeouf's romance with Barnett developed rapidly. However, as soon as Talia left for the tour, he suddenly switched to another beauty and paparazzi managed to spot him with her.

However, her name remained unknown. Let's hope that now the actor has finally realized the value of his marriage and will continue to be an exemplary spouse.