Scandalous Jake Paul's ex Tana Mongeau promised her fans some slutty shit
© Instagram / Tana Mongeau

Scandalous Jake Paul's ex Tana Mongeau promised her fans some slutty shit

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-21 18:04:53

The 21-year-old scandalous Youtuber from the USA with the net worth of $4 mln has shook the whole society with her incredible claim – let's know what exactly!

Tana Mongeau took to Twitter to let everyone know she promised to get some really slutty shit coming to entertain people in these next few weeks.

Well, Tana, we cannot wait for this moment to come, although you have done and shown so much that we really doubt we could be even more surprised by you!

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Not so long ago, Tana Mongeau went out in a bikini. The blogger went to a shop in Los Angeles.

She posted photos on Instagram. The blogger noted that this was the content that one should expect from her this week. The authorities of Los Angeles softened measures by starting the gradual opening of some establishments and recreation areas. Citizens still were required to keep social distance and wear masks.

Previously, in order to increase her popularity, Mongeau began her relationships with another scandalous blogger, Jake Paul. The couple broke up after some time, but in this way Mongeau became more popular thanks to Paul's audience. It also brought hundreds of millions of dollars to each of them.