Taylor Swift sharing the same stage with Paul McCartney
© Instagram / Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sharing the same stage with Paul McCartney

By: Linda Davis
2019-12-18 18:36:32

Taylor Swift has revealed on Sunday that she is confirmed as the second headliner of the 2020 Glastonbury festival, in an Instagram post. The singer uploaded a picture of herself showing off a poster for the event.

In June The festival will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and Taylor will be honored to close the final night of the show. The singer’s announcement comes after the news that Sir Paul McCartney would be joining the Glastonbury as the first headliner.

Taylor Swift
© Instagram / Taylor Swift

Revealing the news, the popstar tweeted that she is very excited to perform at the festival on its anniversary celebration. The co-creator of the Glastonbury, Michael Eavis, shared that he is delightful to report that Taylor will be headlining the festival, considering her one of the biggest artists in in the entire world.

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Glastonbury Festival is the popular European music festival that takes place in England. The show is inspired by the hippie culture and accepts every music genre, from rock to pop.