Look how Taylor Swift signs contracts with reputable companies! That's funny!
© Instagram / Taylor Swift

Look how Taylor Swift signs contracts with reputable companies! That's funny!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-08 17:57:22

Taylor Swift has recently announced on her official Instagram page that she signed a contract with a highly respected music company. When you saw the photos demonstrating the procedure you will laugh for sure!

These days the famous American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift signed a contract with Universal Music Publishing Group. She has shared a few photos showing how the procedure was performed. Two pictures show Swift signing the contract not even on the desk, but on the armrest on the armchair! It looks so funny!

Taylor Swift
© Instagram / Taylor Swift

In her post Taylor Swift confesses that she is proud to develop her partnership with the whole Universal Music family, especially Lucian Grainge, the chairman of Universal Music Group. Grainge is depicted to the left from Swift in the last photograph.

The singer feels very grateful for having the opportunity to cooperate with Jody Gerson, who was the first female to head a major music publishing company. Besides, Jody deals with fighting for women's rights and opportunities being one of the most reputable leaders in the field.

Taylor Swift pays special attention to Troy Tomlinson standing to the right from her in the pic. She says he has been an important part of her team for over half of her life and «a passionate torchbearer for songwriters».

Swift finds it to be a great honor to cooperate with such an amazing team, each member of which contributes so much to the singer's favorite thing: songwriting.

Taylor asks her followers to swipe photos and to find another member of her team: «a fluffy floofy cat». It is obvious that the celebrity adores animals.