Tom Hanks became a hero after donating blood for the fight against COVID-19
© Instagram / Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks became a hero after donating blood for the fight against COVID-19

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-08 16:53:16

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife already managed to fight the coronavirus in March. And in April, the star told they were going to become blood and plasma donors to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus.

According to Tom, his wife and he offered their blood themselves and none asked them about this. On April 29, Hanks and Wilson said they had indeed become plasma donors for the development of a coronavirus vaccine. But what's more important they donated the plasma for free! Would you do the same?

Tom Hanks
© Instagram / Tom Hanks

Netizens were stunned by this act and admitted there were no ways they could possibly love Tom Hanks more. Most of them were so excited that they made a suggestion of Tom Hanks as the only hero who will save humanity in 2020.

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At the same time, some users even said they would be happy to take a bath in the blood of Tom Hanks. Another interesting idea was expressed by users who offered to create some movie Ā«PandemicĀ» about COVID-19 and to awrd Tom Hanks with the Oscar. Although, some people added that would be the start of some horror movie where everyone turns into Tom Hanks. But everyone who got the vaccine would become 17% Tom Hanks and the entire society would be perfect.

What do you think about the story? Would you like to watch a movie about COVID-19?