Tom Holland, “Peter Pan” star, is a master of snowboarding! Watch the video!
© Instagram / Tom Holland

Tom Holland, “Peter Pan” star, is a master of snowboarding! Watch the video!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-05 23:34:38

Tom Holland is known for his role of Spider-Man but few people know that the actor has starred in many other movies. The star's role of Peter Parker in the 2017 superhero movie «Spider-Man: Homecoming» will stay in the fans' hearts forever, though. The series also included the 2019 sequel «Spider-Man: Far From Home». Holland's co-star, Zendaya, has become a close friend to the actor; however, they have never dated, unlike numerous rumors.

The actor has recently starred in the adventure movie «Peter Pan» (2020). Its trailer is so interesting and can be watched on YouTube. It is obvious that Tom Holland is a perfect actor for fiction movie. At the age of 23, Tom Holland can boast the net worth of approximately $6 Million dollars.

Tom Holland
© Instagram / Tom Holland

These days, Tom Holland has shared a cute video on his Instagram page. He is snowboarding down the snowy hill. His caption to the video reads, «Pretending like I'm in control!» In reality, the actor truly seems to be in control. He snowboards pretty well! Some of his fans are even asking: «Is there even anything you can't do?!»

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However, not all of Tom Holland's fans appreciate what he's doing in the quarantine. It turned out, though, that the video was made over a year ago.