Travis Scott sent juicy messages to Kylie Jenner
© Instagram / Travis Scott

Travis Scott sent juicy messages to Kylie Jenner

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-12 20:35:33

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott cannot stop talking to each other. In October 2019 the model and the rapper shocked us all when they announced their breakup. However, this didn’t prevent them from flirting openly with each other on Instagram.

Everything started with the moment when Scott shared a photo on Instagram. Here we could see sneakers, a suitcase and french fries. And it became the connecting link for the two celebrities.

According to Travis, he cooked the potatoes himself. However, Jenner knew her baby’s father too well. She shyly replied him with an emoji in a blue cap, urging Scott not to lie to his followers. The rapper was very surprised. He mentioned Kylie loved this taste a lot.

Well, perhaps, none will be surprised if these two announce the reunion in the near future.