“Border wall,” Trevor Noah knew how to make Trump wear a mask
© Instagram / Trevor Noah

“Border wall,” Trevor Noah knew how to make Trump wear a mask

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-13 14:54:02

36-year-old comedian Trevor Noah has recently made a really hilarious joke. He offered President Trump's assistants to cheat the head of the country in order to save humanity from a deadly virus.

During one of his show, Trevor admitted Donald Trump would never put on a face mask because of the coronavirus outbreak. And the reason is simple. The host was sure the US president didn't care about safety at all.

Trevor Noah
© Instagram / Trevor Noah

But the host offered a way out which seemed to be the best for him!

According to Trevor Noah, the best way to make Trump wear a mask is to reassure him that's not a mask at all! But what's this then?

Trevor Noah would say it's a border wall for Trump's face! Yes, the host apparently thought the president still was a child… He also made a suggestion that all Americans are to look like characters from «Mortal Combat» when wearing face masks.

Do you agree with these words? What do you think about Trump's hate for masks?