What's Vin Diesel's favorite car? Guess it!
© Instagram / Vin Diesel

What's Vin Diesel's favorite car? Guess it!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-27 21:43:56

The world famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel became mega popular due to the movie «Fast and Furious.» But is Vin Diesel crazy about cars generally?

As you know, the main characters in the movie about racing were street racers - desperate guys who competed in street races, and Vin Diesel played a leading role there.

Vin Diesel
© Instagram / Vin Diesel

As it turned out, in real life, the actor fell in love with speed and hypercars, on which you can squeeze the speed above 300 km / h. But what's his favorite one?

Vin Diesel has changed a lot of cars during his career, however, one of his favorites was and remains the «Dodge Charger», the third generation of which was created in 1971. The model became very different from its «progenitor» of 1966 after restyling. The sports car looks more aggressive, spectacular and sporty even from the outside.

The Dodge Changer's latest generation was equipped with a 6.5-liter engine, the power of which reaches 400 horsepower. Such a powerful engine let the car to accelerate to 350 km / h, and the first hundred kilometers are covered by the car in 4 seconds.

Do you like Vin Diesel's taste? And don't forget, we'll see him in the upcoming «Bloodshot.»