“My temple,” Willow Smith admitted her weirdest habit!
© Instagram / Willow Smith

“My temple,” Willow Smith admitted her weirdest habit!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-26 22:24:32

Being a girl, Willow Smith, the child of 51-year-old Will Smith and 48-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith) faced very essential problems: at the age of 10 (now she is 19) she released her debut song «Whip My Hair» and great fame suddenly hit, absolutely changing her life. Recently, the sister of Jaden Smith, who once was suspected of bisexuality, has spoken about the consequences of this life.

According to Willow, she was very young then and had a dream of becoming a singer. With that all, the girl did not realize what stresses all this could lead to. At some point, she realized that this was not the life she wanted.

Willow Smith
© Instagram / Willow Smith

In 2012, Smith shaved her head and according to the girl, it was an ideal way to feel freer, and self-harm (intentional damage to the body for internal reasons without suicidal intentions) became another way to overcome teenage depression.

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According to Willow, she received physical relief from the intangible pain she was experiencing at that moment. Fortunately, over time, special literature on spirituality helped the girl to stop causing physical harm to herself.

Willow admitted that a body is a temple, so she finally learned how to love and respect herself. Have you ever shaved your hair?