Truth revealed: Will Zac Efron become Nightwing in the DC Universe?
© Instagram / Zac Efron

Truth revealed: Will Zac Efron become Nightwing in the DC Universe?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-30 13:45:11

It seems that 32-year-old Zac Efron has decided to fully separate from both «High School Musical» and dating Vanessa Hudgens switching to absolutely other roles. As it became known, the 1, 73-meter high actor who played Ted Bundy could join the DC Universe – isn't this great?

Due to the fact that the era of Zach Snyder came to an end, DC and Warner Bros. will move forward with their new direction for the DC movie universe.

Zac Efron
© Instagram / Zac Efron

It has been rumored that after the release of «Flash» they will use the flashpoint storyline to delete much of what Snyder did, but the project still raised a lot of questions due to the recent trick of Ezra Miller.

It will probably take some time before something new is known about the Nightwing's project, but according to sources, Warner Bros. considered Zac Efron for this role. He was not the only one on their list, but definitely became one of the main candidates.

And, according to sources, the current situation suits both parties, because Efron will have a busy schedule for the next few years, and they can simply wait until he is released before making an offer to him. Sources also add that the studio sees KJ Apa as an alternative actor.

While it's still unknown whether Efron will be interested in this movie, recently he has made great success as an actor and he could become a great Nightwing on big screens.