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Zendaya showed how to stay protected against coronavirus
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Zendaya showed how to stay protected against coronavirus

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-25 16:54:38

The 23-year-old model also suffered from the coronavirus outbreak. But Tom Holland's ex girlfriend and Jacob Elordi's present lover isn't very sad and now promotes the idea of protection against coronavirus.

The governor has imposed a curfew in California and it was strongly recommended that all residents should go into isolation mode for a while and avoid public spaces, so the streets became noticeably empty. However, sometimes people still need to go shopping, but most of them use all sorts of precautions during their short outings.

Zendaya and her brother Austin Coleman were no exception. Paparazzi photographed them on a Los Angeles street at the time they went for the quarantine items in Smart & Final and Bed Bath & Beyond. Fans noticed that both brother and sister were wearing gloves and sunglasses, which also protect against getting the virus on the mucous membrane.

«Bars and nightclubs should be closed. Restaurants should go exclusively to delivery mode. Please minimize social contacts,» the governor said the residents.

Do you follow the precautionary recommendations in connection with the pandemic?