How Zendaya's dress for the movie "Malcolm and Mary" was created
© Instagram / Zendaya

How Zendaya's dress for the movie "Malcolm and Mary" was created

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-04 19:41:29

Netflix's top secret drama «Malcolm and Marie» starring Zendaya, filmed during a 2020 lockdown. About how Zendaya's image was created, her stylist Low Roch tells.

Malcolm & Marie is an aesthetic black and white drama set overnight. The only heroes of the film - the director (John Washington) and his girlfriend (Zendaya), come home after the premiere of the film, discuss the premiere and their relationship, argue.

© Instagram / Zendaya

Filming took place at a mansion in Los Angeles last summer, while the entire city froze due to the pandemic and lockdown. There were a limited number of people on the set, which is why Zendaya was her own makeup artist. The outfits for Zendaya were helped by Lo Roach's personal stylist.

Low Roach is a Hollywood star. It is he who is responsible for the transformation of Celine Dion, who over the past couple of years has become a fashion icon and a favorite of secular chronicles around the world; and the style of Zendaya, who grew from a teenage Disney star to an actress with her own style. Loach is a self-taught stylist who is known as a person who helps his clients to radically change their image and inspire them to do crazy things and decisions (in addition to Celine Dion and Zendaya, his client is Ariana Grande).

In the film, which is an exploration of the tumultuous relationship of one couple, Roach only had one dress in which to convey the character of the heroine. Malcolm & Marie takes place over the course of one epic night after the film's premiere, when the glamor soon fades away and all that remains is two people trying to understand each other. After two rounds of trying on a dress that Marie, the «fashionable girl in a relationship,» didn't quite like, Roach called his stylist colleague Jason Rembert. Together, Roach and Rembert decided to create an «iconic, timeless look for Zendaya Roach told British Vogue. Rembert sent him sketches and fabric samples via FaceTime, and they decided to sew a dress in iridescent gold fabric with elegant cutouts. All Zendaya fittings were done using Zoom. It is noteworthy that throughout the entire process, Roach and film director Sam Levinson never met virtually. The director trusted him unconditionally, knowing that the stylist would do it.

Not a single detail has been overlooked. The Wolford stockings, which Zendaya takes off in the closet, have become an important part of the look. «It was so sexy for me,» says the stylist. «I knew Marie was one of those girls who wear nylon under a dress like that.» The classic stockings - Roach styling all of her clients in Wolfords - also added to the appeal of Marie's character, although he admits they measured a fair amount of pairs during filming. By the way, in the film, Zendaya also wears outfits from his wardrobe. For example, a bathrobe. Purchased by the actress a few years ago, this vintage robe is a testament to her innate sense of style, honed by Low Roach.

We have the opportunity to enjoy Zendaya's stylish look in the film - the drama Malcolm and Marie is available on Netflix from February 5th.