Zoe Kravitz suspected of pregnancy from Robert Pattinson
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Zoe Kravitz suspected of pregnancy from Robert Pattinson

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-22 13:04:02

On the set of the movie «Batman», directed by Matt Reeves, passions are raging, reports the tabloid Cosmic Book News.

There are persistent rumors on the Internet that the 32-year-old actress Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catwoman, is pregnant with co-star Robert Pattinson, who plays Batman.

Another reason for them was thrown up by an anonymous user who published information on the passions that rage on the site on the 4Chan website.

According to the author, allegedly working on the set of «Batman», Pattinson and Kravitz were recently caught in the «Batmobile» while having sex, and the director interrupted this activity, causing a scandal. Soon Zoe passed a pregnancy test and, according to an insider, it turned out to be positive. Now the shooting of the film is in jeopardy due to the pregnancy of the main character, those involved in the film suspect that this is Pattinson's child, and Reeves is beside himself with anger.

«Since October, Robert and Zoe began dating secretly, we know about this because we saw them together after work. But she recently divorced her husband. I just hate their act: both her and Pattinson. All I know is that that Reeves is so furious that he might not do the second and third parts of «Batman» as planned, and transfer the leadership of the process to someone else. He literally told Pattinson: «You are the most titled narcissistic actor with whom I have ever worked, you go back to work, we finish shooting in March, and then we are done. « I don't want to work with you anymore after this movie. « He even said that he refuses to do reshoots if needed. I don't know what they are going to do, but they are trying to keep this situation under control before the media make it official, «the source writes.

At the moment, Reeves has confirmed that there are problems on the set. However, they happened due to the fact that Pattinson allegedly faked a coronavirus test during filming. Filming had to be stopped for some time, but then they resumed. In addition, the actor himself is very dissatisfied with the control from the director and was already ready to quit work on the role.

The first installment of the Batman trilogy starring Pattinson is due out early March 2022.